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The Prophetic Sound Conference

  • Thursday, Jan 30, 2020 6:00 PM - Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 4:45 PM EST

Sorry, this event is not available.

This event was available from Wednesday, October 30, 2019 12:00 AM until the event start date.

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Prophetic Sound Conference Session Overviews
 Prophetic Sound is a three-day gathering of creatively gifted vessels – the prophets, singers, poets; the musicians and the producers – coming together to be equipped and empowered for greater realms of worship and greater encounters with God with signs, wonders and miracles following. This gathering will provide training in hearing the sound of God and usher you into His Now Move, His Now Sound that will transform nations, governments and individual lives.

Thursday Evening Worship Service
Internationally known speaker, Dr. Cindy Trimm, will minister an impactful, revelatory prophetic message on “The NOW Prophetic Sound.”

Musicians Only Session with Aaron Lindsey
Grammy-Award winning music producer, Aaron Lindsey, will host an intimate session for musicians only to foster community and a deeper sense of purpose. During this “real talk” session he will help participants gain perspective and wisdom about how to become more valuable in their respective creative areas.

Friday Evening Worship Service featuring Prophetic Activations
This night of worship will combine powerful corporate worship with prophetic activations and prophetic ministry by seasoned prophets releasing the word of the Lord. The service will feature Dr. Mary Crum, Apostle Bryan Meadows, and other prophetic ministers and psalmists.

Prophetic Activations – Dr. Mary Crum
This session will provide hands-on training and activation in hearing God’s voice for yourself and others. It includes “hands-on” opportunities to equip you for effective ministry as well as foundational teaching, training and impartation, which will enable you to minister with confidence.

Prophetic Worship 101 – Damita Chandler
This foundational session will explore hearing God’s voice and releasing God’s word to transform lives in the midst of worship. It will also examine how to create and usher in prophetic atmospheres to produce divine revelation and encounters.

Prophetic Worship & Warfare – Dr. Hope Eady
Prophetic worship and warfare combine to usher in a supernatural atmosphere where intercession arises, spiritual warfare is waged, prophetic power is released, Kingdom sounds are produced and creative words are declared to impact heaven and earth. This session will examine the power and joint assignment of prophetic worship and spiritual warfare in the lives of believers and demonstrate how to wage effective warfare.

Worship Table Talk Panel Discussion
• Hear the hearts of worship leaders, musicians, church leaders and other as they talk through the challenges and strategies for effective Kingdom worship.

Moderators – Keith Dobbins & Damita Chandler with the following presenters:
• Worship Leaders/Psalmist – Daniel Bashta
• Praise Team – Steve Crawford, Lakewood Church, Houston, TX
• Musicians – Aaron Lindsey (if he stays over)
• Singer – Dathan Thigpen
• Church/Ministry Leadership – Pastor Taffi Dollar

Song Writing: The Heart of Worship – Daniel Bashta
This session will focus on writing prophetic songs that contain and usher in the fresh anointing of what God is doing. Participants will examine how to write songs that reflect either God’s ‘Now’ purpose or a future prophetic vision and how to shift the atmosphere of worship.

Hearing & Releasing the Sound of God – Keith Dobbins
Participants will learn about prophetic songs, praise for breakthrough, how prophetic flow operates in the worship environment, keys to releasing the power of God in worship and more! This session combines Scriptural foundation, prophetic insights and practical steps that lead to a greater experience of God’s prophetic purpose in worship.

Apostolic Worship: Miracles, Signs and Deliverance through Music Ministry – Apostle Bryan Meadows
This cutting-edge session will examine how apostolic worship causes prison’s to be shaken, chain to be broken, and the corporate release of apostolic demonstrations and authority. It will also cover how to partner Spirit-empowered corporate worship with apostolic anointing and function to provide opportunities for the Church to be re-charged, re-envisioned and re-aligned.

Prophetic Sound Worship Experience & Recording
We’ll capture the sound of God for this generation in an intimate worship and recording session experience.
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